Sunday, May 9, 2010

Local Photos (2)

Welcome to Paradise 2564...

Here is what I see standing waiting at the station.
Refurbishment 2 years ago meant new wall panels rather than a new ramp. Going to the city means stroller portage, in a suburb with one of the highest ratios of children to adults in Sydney.

This is the view down my street during peak hour for station pick-ups. I live in that black space in the middle.

I am developing a passion in my heart to take photos. My automatic camera may not be up to the task. (I yearn for arty shots, although I fear I do not know how to take them.)
Currently working up the courage to ask for the lend of a friend's camera.


Robyn said...

Nice pics, but I want to see one of that guy who apparently waves to everyone at the round-about...!

Kath said...

I'll see what I can do Robyn