Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Small beginning

Totally new to the world of blogging. Intrigued, a little fascinated. What is it all about? Done a bit of blog-surfing. Doctor blogs, mothering blogs, knitting blogs, probably endless configurations and microcosms of bloggers. I have decided to join in, slightly vague about my purpose but keen to try something new. Maybe I won't last long, but who knows?

Why a listening space? I would like to be a better listener. To my family, to my patients, to myself. Most of all to God.

When it comes to listening well, I have found that I like to be clever. I like to guess ahead and predict what people are going to say. Sometimes I anticipate and interrupt. Sometimes I'm right, but sometimes I don't even realise that I'm wrong. So that's what I'm doing at the moment. Trying to listen better.

Reading back, I sound preachy and a bit sad.

What I'm also enjoying is laughter with my son. He has started sleeping in a bed and can get himself in and out. I can hear him playing with his toys in the dark when he should be asleep. When I go to investigate, he peeps around the corner with the cheekiest grin and waits for me to chase him into bed. How many times could he enjoy this before falling asleep? Way too many, but somehow that smile stops me from putting on my stern and serious voice and I revel in the little arms around my neck and his lips pressed to my cheek.