Thursday, May 20, 2010

Pentecost coming

Friends gather. One flies, some drive, one trundles on the train. Together we laugh, we listen, stories draw us together. Sometimes we weep, as we share the rawness, the people-pain, barefoot walk on gravel. We plead with the one who binds us together. Bring healing, breathe your spirit on us and imprint your glorious image on our forgetful souls.

Blessed again by time, by familiarity of the ones who know us well. A yearly glimpse of the me who was young, fervent, often lost but searching. The me who looks forward to the drink that will forever quench my thirst in the golden city. The me who wants to linger in awareness of now and this precious time of preparation and waiting. The me who sits up too late not wanting today to unfold into tomorrow...just yet.

Another gathering of friends, brothers and sisters bound in adversity, all bearing the imprint of a divine teacher among them. How they miss him. They wait, aware a gift is coming, curious to see. Perhaps impatient to begin, probably nervously-edged eagerness. What is the secret?

And this is the secret:
Christ lives in you. (Col 1:27)

The pentecost secret.

holy experience


Michelle DeRusha said...

This is beautiful writing. It's nice to "meet" you here!

Lisa notes... said...

The Pentecost secret. What a great post! I haven't thought to put it that way, but what a great mystery and blessing "the Pentecost secret" is.

Susan R said...

Love it.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes! The secret, the Pentecost secret. He lives in me and I praise Him.
Beautiful post.
Thanks, ~ linda