Monday, June 4, 2012

Back to Romans 8 - remember?

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Jean posted about memorising bible passages and I squirmed because I've been neglecting my brainfood. I've been reading ahead and noting all the similarities and repeated phrases. Is there any way I could memorise all those different ways of saying Jesus lives in me? And put them in the right order?

Memorising is long work - repetition and then more repetition. Like the three tips to get better at any skill...practice, practice and practice. Laying down the memory happens by following that network of synapses again and again. And well, repetition is boring. I'd rather be eating Mint Slice biscuits. Wouldn't you?

This is why it sucks to be human - I just don't care about stuff that is careworthy. I couldn't be bothered working for the good stuff, for treasure that doesn't get mouldy. I'd rather have a Mint Slice. But try those babies after an eternity with the packet open.

This body is going to die, that is certain. All chocolate biscuits will get mouldy and perish. But there's one thing that will give me life - being able to rub noses with the God of the universe. Him making me a place to hang out and cleaning up all my sucky human-ness, so that I can never get mouldy and live forever in the non-perishing heart of God. Amen.

Now for a little repetition...

And Christ lives within you, so even though your body will die because of sin, the Spirit gives you life because you have been made right with God. Romans 8:10


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the inspiration. This is definitely an area where my intentions haven't been matched by my follow-through lately!

Kath said...

Yes, its the struggle of life isn't it? - to do the good we intend to do and avoid the temptations we wrestle with. May we know more and more of God's love and grace in the reality of living. We're walking this together!

Anonymous said...

As you were writing this, my Monday night study grp were looking at Romans 8. Amazing!
Susan R. xx

Kath said...

Hey Susan. Good to know you are soaking in the good stuff! And it is a little amazing :)

Unknown said...

Love it! Thanks Kath.

Kath said...

Hey Nick. Welcome. I would say 'is there any other Nick?' but I have a brother with that name so feel on tenuous ground.
Always a pleasure to see friends here.

Rosey said...

Kath, I love the notion of rubbing noses with the God who made the Universe. Intimacy much!