Thursday, August 12, 2010

Time in the garden

I am planted on the thick sleeper-edge, arms outstretched. My fingers gather slender stems, digging down to pull-up by the roots. I am clearing space around pea stems as they reach to grasp on and stretch up. My flowered gloves are on the garage shelf, rather than my hands. Nails and fingertip whorls embedded with dirt, again.

Behind me there are slender celery stalks, standing at attention. Leggy, waving rocket flower-laden and infant silverbeet. Red veined beetroot leaves lend colour as I look across towards the paling fence. The fence just up last year, not yet silvered by the sun.

Thursday afternoon, I am here. Early week responsibilities over, and I slow down. I pull up weeds, feed young plants, sit, watch. Slightly grey today, but sheets spin on the line, behind the gate.

The chookhouse runs along the garden edge, and it's occupied by spiders. The hens have traded up into a movable pen. I suspect it just spreads the destruction of their scratching further.

My scratching and garden-scrabbling has become a weekly comfort. My mind wanders, in the way of a pleasant sunlit stroll, and I draw breath as the sun pours last minute brightness along receptive clouds. To find my solace here is unexpected.

I have linked to L.L. Barkat's In, On and Around Mondays (Thursday is in the same week as Monday), and  to the photo prompt 'Solace" at 3 from here and there.


Kelly Sauer said...

I just love seeing how these photos, the beauty we see - it really does put us in mind of God.

Thank you for sharing at Three!

Anonymous said...

it is so nice to be outside on a summer evening

EM said...

thanks for sharing your moment of solace

ELK said...

garden = solace ...always!

L.L. Barkat said...

"I am clearing space around pea stems." I loved that. :)

Yes, do add your link. You just need to put in your name, your email and this post's URL. I would love for more people to see your post! :)

sarah said...

How lovely :-)

Jessica said...

The clouds are almost like waves...just glorious.

Janis Van Keuren said...

I find my peace often in the glorious coloring of the clouds by the sunset.


Unknown said...

i love your use of the word "leggy".

so descriptive.

thanks for playing along!