Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Here's my plan. I'm carving out a new artform in blogdom...


Here are the features that make an unblog:

  • Pitiful stats - I still look at them, just not very often (my ego cannot bear much)
  • Undersharing - a beast rarely seen in social media and blogging
  • Reluctance to give advice
  • Allergy to lists
  • No posts about blogging - except the odd ironic one
  • Inability to stick to a blog genre
  • Erratic comments - my policy is, comment if you have something to say
  • Refusal to post about topical issues or important dates
  • Failure to find an audience
  • Images only barely related to the text
  • No bloggy friends, a complete reliance on real life ones
  • Random, unplanned posts at irregular intervals
  • Half-baked series ideas that rarely get completed

Now all I need is a thingy (you know, a button) that says "I'm an unblogger" and you could all join the revolution.

OK it's not really a button, it's just a picture. But go on, steal it anyway, just make sure you point the way back here.


soph said...

haha love it.

Kath said...

thanks soph :)

Katherine Krige said...

Ah! But you made a list! Do you have to get kicked out of the unblogger club now?

Anna @ path of treasure said...

This is really funny and creative. Love it.