Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Paradox and Synergy

Paradox in marriage...

Feeling isolated in intimate relationship.

The moment of love depletion is when love is most needed.

Meeting betrayal with grace. Injury with pardon.

A long life together is not the fulfillment.

Familiarity breeds both devotion and contempt.

We know each other best, yet can never know or be known completely.

Synergy in marriage...

We are more than just the two of us.

The space between us is important. It is where we become one, where we create together, where we love people together.

The repetition of daily life together delivers space for renewal. The errors of the past are redeemed as we practice getting them right, over and over again.

Intimate relationship can magnify our faults, but provides a safe place for unexplainable healing.

holy experience

My husband still insists that if I let him get Foxtel, he would be truly happy.

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Mommy Emily said...

love this. thank you for sharing. e.