Monday, June 28, 2010

Don't forget

Death. A longed-for, gently-gestated, not-yet-born, peachy baby and a limb-weary, heart-faltering, broken-skinned beloved great grandfather. The prologue and the epilogue pass out of our ken. Fingers press at the glass, but the glaring reflection is blinding. Take it on trust.

Leaving arms that have held them, even but briefly, they enter a line. Names marked off next. Paying the ferryman to cross mythical rivers. Thrust again into life, someone new with vague memories of being someone old. We have searched, theorised, wondered and wished. How can we know if we cannot even look across the divide?

Not just death. Life. It tears us, too. I nod and I mmm as the life and the pain tumbles onto the table. I can't fix it or change it. Just listen and hear. Make recommendations for 'treatment' but that's band-aid stuff. The stories I'm told, replay in my head as I stare out the bus window. Walk ... Bus ... Train ... Walk. Home to the reach of size one arms - Pick me up.

Bad news is momentous, world-stopping, but the fractured beams of hope, of blessing can trick. Almost overlooked.

Don't forget to stop and count!

871.  picking up size one body to soak in the hug
872.  new hand-me-down bikes
873.  sharing the headphones
874.  constructions of cardboard and sticky-tape
876.  milo hot chocolate on a chilly night
877.  a bat colony at the creek
878.  afternoon tea with our mates
879.  just catching the train
880.  a baby who chuckles as he stands on the table ... again
881.  being rescued when the battery is flat
882.  egg and bacon rolls at the soccer
883.  a message from Gill that she was right near Frank Lampard when he didn't score (Well he did really)
884.  a friend told 3-6 months, 6 months ago, who is enjoying her children still
885.  a big brother taking care of a little soon-to-be-motherless brother
886.  Jesus knows what follows death
887.  Resurrection is coming

The Gratitude Community...

holy experience

the bats hanging out

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Heather of Swallowing A Moose said...

The thanks are beautiful and deeply felt.


I love the power found in and through the body of our Lamb of God.

When we depart from here... we are there with Him all made possible through His life ... and death... and resurrection.

Blessings to you this week!