Saturday, January 23, 2010


We have had the chance to go away for a relaxed holiday which has been fantastic. This is the lake near where we stayed in the Snowy Mountains. I learnt a bit about the Snowy Mountains scheme. It was a revelation to me that the primary purpose of the work was to bring water to the west of the Dividing Range and irrigate agricultural land, and that power is a by-product!

the Lake


fishing with Dad

I made it to the top of Mt Kosciuzko

part way up enjoying the view

Walking in the evening, as the sun set, we saw families of kangaroos munching beside the road. One of the regulars around the house where we stayed was a mother kangaroo whose joey had to fold itself up to fit into her pouch. The kids were fascinated.


Robyn said...

That isn't Old Adaminaby by any chance is it?

We stayed near there last winter on a really nice little homesteady place and also had a great time watching kangaroos (it was Susie's highlight, she hated the snow...)

Kath said...

Yes, just near Old Adaminaby. Well spotted!