Friday, May 8, 2009

My experiment

The more I read the blogs of regular and established bloggers the more I am paralysed in my own efforts. It's a mixture of 
  • admiration for the thoughts that other people so eloquently express, 
  • other people's ideas seeming a infinitely more original than my own (let's face it I've never thought them before),
  • a fear of being trivial,
  • a fear of being self-obsessed,
  • the knowledge that no-one actually reads what I have written.
I am going to conduct an experiment. I will post 10 times before the end of May and see if I just lack discipline, rather than inspiration. Is it just a good expressive apperient that I need?


Robyn said...

I read your blog!

Kath said...

Thanks Robyn. I wasn't expecting a reply to my cry into the ether, so I feel surprised in a good way!