Monday, July 9, 2012

"We are dawn people."

I've been getting up early to go out and exercise. It's cold and the pumping of my arms warms my cheeks and fingers. Our lithe little dog runs back and forth to keep pace with me as we go around the block, through the park and up past the local pool.

I can see early morning headlights rising over the train line and slowly-filling carriages thunder past sometimes. The sky is navy with a couple of tardy stars and a rumour of daylight. I try to run rather than shuffle, while dawn happens.

I am acqainting myself with the transition of night to day. Enjoying the emergence of light.

Later, I listen to Tim Keller talk about being dawn people. We are people of the light but the darkness lingers. One day we will live full in the sun, but while we wait for that fulfilment, we are walking in the pale, dark sunrise.

That's why we struggle with living the triumphant, sunshine life. That's why our thinking drifts to darkness, and we cannot find the way sometimes. That's why the light gently draws us on - nudging and caressing us into the day.

Have patience. Be ready. The sun is rising amongst us. We are the people of the dawn.


Rosey said...

Like you, Kath, I get up early to exercise....though not as often as I should perhaps! I love pondering the start of the day, the tradies going early to their worksites and the starting glimpses of the sun. I think about how the Son came to give light and life...and it makes me want to sing out loud. Sadly, I don't in case people think I'm strange...but my heart fills! Thanks for this post. btw, I can picture you slogging around the area...that makes me smile too! Good on you, girl! xo

Kath said...

Thanks Rosey. Nice to know we're not alone, isn't it. xo

Justine Jenner said...

I love this Kath, struggling about waiting for the sun to fully rise. Makes sense of things, and a metaphor I'm going to remember. Thanks.

Kath said...

Thanks Jus. Been really encouraged by Tim Keller sermons lately :)

Jennifer Dougan said...

Hi Kath,

Nice to meet you. I'm popping over from Imperfect Prose's link up. I have never heard of the concept of being people of the dawn. It intrigues me. I appreciated Keller's stuff on the prodigal God.

Have a great week.

Jennifer Dougan

Mommy Emily said...

sigh. your words always rise up in me like the dawn, shedding light on my soul. thank you dear kath.

Brandee Shafer said...

Reminds me of I John 1:7. Lovely.