Friday, August 19, 2011

Declutter (part 2)

It's a late night question. We ask it in the moonlight, when the talk is meandering. Regrets, longings, and the barely spoken plans. 'Can people really change?'
Doubt and hope line my answer. I waver, through the years of asking that question. I love the mornings when the answer rings out 'yes'. Someone said, last Sunday, that he used to think he knew it all but now he hungers to learn the truth. Is that change?

The first step to clearing out my crowded, fickle heart is to see the breadth of what I do not know.
  • I discard the pride of having to be right or knowledgeable in everything.
  • I open vessels ready to be filled with wisdom from another.
  • I let go of anxiety. The anxiety of relying only on myself.
  • I open the door to someone bigger than myself.
I don't have tips for decorating or simplifying your house. But I'm searching for ways to spiritually declutter.

Step #1 - stop needing to be right.

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