Saturday, April 9, 2011

If you met me...

it would give me a chance to explain a few things. That I speak with less fore-thought than I write. That I cannot find a space to take a photo at home. Well not the sort of photo that makes my house look neat and cosy. Somehow there's a pile of papers on every available surface - school notes, mail, preschool artworks, brochures, information sheets... Sometimes my brain feels this cluttered.

You might have a few issues to clear up, too.

We could share a meal, or a drink or just talk. I'd like to hear your story, sometimes that helps my feeling awkward when I can listen to you.

It's hypothetical, that's what stumps me here. If you could meet me, ... well... that would change things.

5 minutes of writing on today's topic "If you met me..."

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Unknown said...

Ummmm. You're house sounds like mine! I'm constantly fighting the battle of piles! Frankly, I think we'd have a lot to talk about, just based on this alone!