Friday, April 15, 2011

Boasts and Thankfulness

This is where I start keeping up with the best mommy blogs and show you my mothering triumphs. This is my latest birthday cake extravaganza.
Are you impressed?

Yes, those ninja turtles have been lurking at the bottom of a toy box for at least six months. Yes, those star candles have been lit many times before and no longer have five points.

My newly five-year-old loved it. "You're awesome mum!" (Actually he said that when I let him have 2 slices)
I love a happy birthday.

And I love a sunlit Autumn morning. Thankful.

What are you thankful for?

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Mother Letter said...

This is Seth Haines, Amber Haines' husband. I am contacting those who signed up to do an Ephesians reading. If you have not submitted yours yet (see, please let me know if you will still be able to do so.

Thanks so much!

p.s. Sorry for dropping this in the comments. I couldn't find your contact page.