Thursday, February 4, 2010

Book obsessed

I spent Australia Day reading a book. That may sound mundane, but it isn't very often that I get to read a book right through in a short time. This (Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert) was an easy read because of the conversational style and flowing stories.
Gilbert's search was founded in despair but lead to some interesting self-discovery. She seemed to learn a lot about grace through religious ritual. The God she talks about seems either distant or a part of herself, at different times in the book. Her guru and the guru's teacher have gained more of her affection, than God.
The book is definitely more about the author, than about God (understandably) and it is not a journey which will focus people on the God who made everything and loves each one of us. It helps make the point that there is more to life than Western materialism, but I don't think it inspires awe of God.
Although she obviously felt that the culmination of her journey was in Bali (the `love' part of the title) I found the book began to drift into self-indulgence, then. I started to want her to go home and stop being so self-satisfied.
I am still trying to encapsulate what I wished was in the book. I found that instead of relationship with God being an end in itself, it was a means to having a more fulfilled human life. Finding a connection with God and learning to meditate allowed Gilbert to `move on' from previous losses or failed relationships to a more fulfilling human partnership. Somehow that is not enough of a reason to see her journey as an example to follow.


Susan R said...

so, you don't recommend it then?

Kath said...

You're right. I didn't really reach a conclusion.

I liked her writing, and it was an interesting, flowing read. I was alos interested in her religious experiences.

However I felt sad that she searched for God, but seemed to find a nice man in the conclusion, rather than an amazing God.