Saturday, July 25, 2009

Snatching a moment

My mind is bubbling with ideas and plans at the moment. It is an effort to slow it down to write a post. The nagging sense that I have missed or forgotten something lurks at the corner of my consciousness. Maybe that's just because I forgot to tell my husband about plans for friends to come for dinner until ten minutes before their arrival, tonight. Maybe its because I've forgotten to go to bed, yet.

The dilemma* that I am faced with this evening is that I want to take time to reflect, but I fill my time so that I run out of time to think. Late at night I sit down at the computer and what would take me 5 minutes at midday, takes me fifty minutes at midnight.

This is as far as I can get tonight. I'll be back to continue later...

*I use 'dilemma' advisedly. My dilemma lies somewhere on the importance spectrum between identifying a song on the radio with my iPod and the inability of the world to abolish hunger despite an abundance of food.

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