Thursday, November 8, 2012

What happened in the 31 Days?

I've dropped it somewhere down between the cushions on the lounge. My clarity.

Thoughts, like disorderly books, resist my straightening. Their gentle jumble is familiar. Home is a welcome backrub and the scent of orange peel on my thumbnail. We eat lasagne from Aldi and talk school.

I'm scattered by the attempt to be in so many different places. This happens periodically and guilt rises. The next step in the dance is to criticise myself for being here. So let's not.

I'll tell you the good news.

I've been sitting with the Book each day, and the Book's been reading me. I haven't been able to compose words about it these 31 days, but I've been thinking on the pure and right, the noble and praiseworthy. Pondering the race laid out before us - not life lived for success, but life lived to be made holy and presentable by grace.

The background is that I struggle to be religious in anything. It's my nature to resist helpful habits. Like a baby, the moment I seem to find routine, is the moment I change what I'm doing.

But through some inexplicable work of God, his word has entrenched itself in me. In the last couple of years, reading the bible has entwined with joy and contentment. It has been my breath, and the breath of God in me.

And be sure that I don't say this to boast in me. I am actually mystified about the reason for this deep stirring. I am not a holy or particularly godly person. It is purely grace from God to me. I don't really tell many people because it seems like a weird thing to share...

"God has made me passionate for his word. It makes my eyes prick with tears and my spirit soar."

My earthliness chuckles "What the...?", while the word whisperingly leads me into the truth. That this is the most precious thing that could ever grow in me.

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Unknown said...

Wow. I love that you love the Word. And share it here. Me too, me too.

Mommy Emily said...

he is creating a similar passion in me for his word too, friend. i longed for it for years. now i find myself desperate for it. thank you so much for sharing beautiful kath. xo

Brandee Shafer said...

You better watch out; people will start referring to you as the "church lady." When that happened to me at the adult home for the first time, it was all I could do not to laugh out loud. But seriously: God's Word is lovely...and addictive...

Kath said...

Thanks for the encouraging words, friends.

Jennifer Dougan said...


Your gentle way of alluding to the Book intrigues me and makes me smile. It draws me in, knowing searchers will hunger too. Thank you.

Thanks for your comment on my post "He Surprised Me," and for stopping by.

Nice to meet you,

Jennifer Dougan