Friday, February 24, 2012

Hey, my friend...

Yes, you.

I want to pray for you.

It's exam time again, and I sent out a text for some faithful friends to remember me in conversation with God. Our church family prayed and checked on me, too.

I've been anxious this week, but I've been supported by the knowledge of those prayers - the brief whispered ones, the long patient ones, the barely spoken ones, the matter-of-fact ones. You have helped God walk with me.

And it's not about the results. It's about knowing that God's people are faithful and kind, and that no matter what happens, God will be here with me. He'll rejoice with me or mourn with me in two weeks time. He'll know my impatience, when it creeps up into my throat, every couple of days, till then.

He'll be there with you, too. He'll be answering my prayers for you. Helping you through the maze of your life, knowing the flutters and falters of your heart. Sharing your excitement or soothing your weariness. That's just what he does. All day, every day. Deep in the night and in the pale dawn, he's with you.

So can you let me know what to pray for you? Put it in the comments. Email me. Even if we only meet here, I want to hear from you.

That is real connection. Praying prayers for you that allow me to participate in God's care for you and presence in your life. I'm there with you when I pray for you.


Mommy Emily said...

i love your faith. i love the way God speaks through you. please pray for me, that i will be so full of him that the world can't get in. love to you.

Kath said...

Em, I do and will pray for you. Bless you, for your encouragement and your words that paint pictures.

Justine Jenner said...

Hi Kath,
Can you please pray for Gods wisdom for me? jus

Kath said...

Yes Jus, I will.