Tuesday, November 15, 2011


(Yes. I drove past this bilboard. And took a photo.)

I'm wondering how they do it?

How can someone keep all the things up to date that need to be up to date?

When I consider the following list that one woman might need to get done
  • going to the dentist regularly
  • getting regular pap tests
  • staying healthy in other ways - doctor/chiropracter/counsellor/whatever
  • keep leg hair waxed
  • getting haircuts
  • getting hair colours
  • taking children to the doctor/dentist/hairdresser
  • I'm sure I've missed some - what is on your list?
How do people do it? How do they get their children looked after for one thing?

Just thinking this, as I realise that I haven't been to the doctor other than for pre-natal visits for the last ten years (possibly indelicate to tell you how long since my last paptest?). That I ignored a reminder from the dentist twelve months ago, that I wear long pants for 80% of the year due to unsightly leg hair and that I stopped colouring my hair (myself admittedly) when I was 25.

Is it just me?


Robyn said...

Yes it's hard, especially when your dentist stops doing Saturday appointments when you have a husband at home to mind the kids! I manage to more or less keep up with those things by firstly having two very easy children who I can generally take along with me (last hair cut baby slept and the older one had a hair cut at the same time). And then I get husband to take over the kids when possible or team up with a friend who babysits my kids when I need to go to appointments and I mind hers when she has appointments... Mind you, I only have 2 kids so far and I don't do the hair colouring or waxing (just quick shaves and only in summer).

Kath said...

Hey Robyn.
I like that Piet slept through your haircut. Well planned.
And it is a bit frustrating when Saturdays are no longer an option.
Love to you all.