Sunday, October 31, 2010

God's gifts challenge us

“While God’s gifts are welcome, in fact they do disrupt. God’s gift of truth disrupts our systemic mendacity that denies our lethal social practices. God’s gift of generosity contradicts our parsimonious selfishness. God’s gift of mercy interrupts our hard-hearted indifference. God’s gift of justice exposes our systemic injustice. God’s gifts amount to an inconvenient reality among us; they remind us that what we have come to regard as ‘normal’ continues a deep abnormality in which we may have no complacency.”

–Walter Brueggemann, Living the Word. (Sojourners)

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marygems said...

lizerwow- what a well-worded statement FULL to the brim with wisdom- I like it!! Thanks Kath. I enjoy your writing very much too!