Saturday, December 26, 2009

Change Coming

I have been on maternity leave for the last 12 months and I have to return to work in 3 weeks time. I am beginning to prepare myself for spending chunks of time away from my almost-11 month old. I am finding myself thinking more about the tasks and responsibilities I will have to take up in my job.

This year has been an oasis of calm for me. I am a little afraid that busy-ness and rushing will seep back into life when I go back to work. Don't misunderstand me - I have had plenty of tasks to occupy me in the past 12 months. But there has been a freedom to stop and absorb the blessing around me. To marvel at the people I share life with.

My husband has been able to devote himself to work full-time while I have been home more. I really wanted to see him take full advantage of this - capitalise on it fully! He has found it hard to have so much time. He is looking forward to the restriction on his available time, because he says it makes him more efficient. Here's hoping that happens for me, too.

This is my final maternity leave (according to our best plans), and that has helped me to enjoy and relish it. I am also sad to leave this 'stage' behind me.

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