Friday, September 11, 2009

An ordinary week

Memorable moments for this week...

When asked to say what he loves about his dad, in a church vox pop on Sunday, our 3 year old answered, 'I love my dad because he beats me up.'
Not much to say in response to that one...

Being given 2 slow cookers for my birthday. (I'm already a bit of a leisurely dinner maker, but this will be ridiculous.) Oh, the pressure of being asked 'What would you like for your birthday?'

Our church prayer meeting.

Reading Isaiah 51:7-8

“Listen to me, you who know right from wrong
you who cherish my law in your hearts.
Do not be afraid of people’s scorn,
nor fear their insults.
8 For the moth will devour them as it devours clothing.
The worm will eat at them as it eats wool.
But my righteousness will last forever.
My salvation will continue from generation to generation.”

There are so many things I do not say, about right and wrong and God's law, because I fear scorn or insults (or even that people might not like me). Sharp as a two-edged sword for me.

Watching Costa's Garden Odyssey (my new favourite TV show). I learnt what a permablitz is and wondered again if the creator of the universe would rate a mention in the 'Zen Shed' segment (garden spirituality). I don't think He's enough.
Costa's beard is incredible, but he spoke to a Sikh banana and blueberry farmer from Woolgoolga who matched it.

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